Our Services


Whether you're an affluent individual seeking comprehensive financial services or a corporation looking to provide employees with a meaningful retirement program, we provide assistance in virtually every area of financial concern. We’ve acquired a well-earned reputation for our work in the following areas:

Investment Consulting Services

Our fee-based accounts provide a full range of consulting services and access to professional investment managers used by large institutions. We can help you create a customized investment plan, select investment managers, and actively review your portfolio's performance.*

Individual and Corporate Retirement Plans

We offer a comprehensive range of services for both individual and corporate clients, including:

  • Evaluating existing retirement plans—Individual Retirement Accounts, pension and profit-sharing plans, and 401(k) and 403(b) plans
  • Helping you monitor your plan regularly, while updating plan documents to meet IRS requirements
  • Working with corporate benefits staff to comply with all ERISA fiduciary responsibility requirements
  • Conducting periodic seminars for plan participants to help them make sound decisions, which helps to satisfy 404(c) requirements

Personal Planning

A carefully orchestrated investment plan encompasses every aspect of a person's financial life. We’ll work with you to design planning strategies that will support your long-term objectives. Planning is not a single event—it’s a process. As your circumstances change, so must the strategies we use to keep you on the right path to achieving your financial goals. We‘ll work with you and your other professional advisors—such as your CPA, estate attorney, and insurance agent—to coordinate all aspects of your wealth management strategy.



Our Investment Process


We offer unbiased, objective investment advice. Our fee-based investment management approach is custom-designed to fit each client’s investment objectives and risk tolerance. We use a disciplined approach to money management that starts with an appropriate overall asset allocation. We diversify portfolios with several asset classes in order to maximize risk and return. We actively manage the portfolio as markets change. We monitor and report portfolio performance on a periodic basis.


The research process is a dynamic portfolio management system, so we personally research every market sector and individual investment utilized in our clients’ portfolios. Our "no stone left unturned" philosophy is designed to build portfolios that can potentially weather most economic scenarios—though, risk can never be fully eliminated.

Our investment sector analysis entails evaluating historical performance, assessing current valuation, analyzing short-term trends, and estimating long-term performance. When evaluating a particular investment, we place more emphasis on its current valuation and future outlook than on its past performance.

From this research and analysis, we develop three broad allocation models (conservative, moderate, and aggressive) as the basis for constructing customized client portfolios. Next, we build detailed models using the investment sectors that we believe have the best potential. These models become the basis for constructing your specific portfolio.


A component of our portfolios will often consist of professionally managed funds and/or separately managed accounts. By employing an in-depth research process, we seek to identify the highest-quality, money-management firms available to our clients. 

Our analysis includes both "quantitative" and "qualitative" components. In the quantitative analysis, we look at the managers' historical performance. We analyze both short- and long-term performance on a risk-adjusted basis. We have developed our own proprietary manager screening process using various statistical measurements, and we use Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) statistics to screen money managers and mutual funds.

However, historical performance is not always a good indicator of future performance. Therefore, we look at certain qualitative aspects of each manager, like the overall quality of the organization, its management style, and its research process. In addition, we assess the capability of the individuals responsible for portfolio management by examining their educational backgrounds, credentials, and overall investment experience. We also talk with the individual managers by conference call or in person to give us a better feel for their management ability.


At Trinity Capital Management, we are committed to providing a very high level of investment management. We know that the most important element in our client relationship is trust. We realize that because of the extreme complexity of the financial markets, clients must place a high degree of trust in our investment recommendations and portfolio-management approach. We seek to earn that trust by always putting your interests before our own.

*Professional money management may not be suitable for all investors. Fee based, investment advisory services are provided through Wells Fargo Advisors. Please review Wells Fargo Advisors' Disclosure Document for a full description of our services, including fees and expenses. Also, a copy of the Investment Advisor's ADV Part II is available upon request.
**Global/International investing involves risks not typically associated with U.S. investing, including currency fluctuations, political instability, uncertain economic conditions, different accounting standards, and other risks not associated with domestic investments. Investments primarily concentrated in one sector may be more volatile than those that diversify across many industry sectors and companies.

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FINRA’s BrokerCheck Obtain more information about our firm and its financial professionals