We do not work for one of the big Wall Street firms with their own priorities-we work for you. We founded Trinity Capital Management to offer an independent, unbiased, and open-architecture approach to serving our client’s needs. We believe Trinity Capital is different because it offers the best of both worlds. After an extensive process, we are aligned with Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, LLC, part of one of the strongest and most respected firms on Wall Street, to be our back office for reporting purposes and to custody our clients’ assets. As a client of Trinity Capital Management, you have the unbiased approach of an independent firm with the security and backing of one of the strongest financial firms in the world.


We manage well in excess of one-third of a billion dollars* for our clients, with our average household having north of one million dollars under management with us. We do not work in the mass market. We serve high net worth clients and their businesses. We understand their needs and concerns, and we focus our experience to deliver advanced strategies and uncompromising service.


At Trinity Capital Management we believe in the team approach. You are not simply the client of one of the partners, but a client of all Trinity Capital Management has to offer.

Why is this important? Each partner at Trinity Capital brings a different area of experience and something different to the table. All four partners serve on the investment committee, which meets once a week. The Partners at Trinity Capital Management have combined over 100 years of wealth management and investment management experience, and have navigated their clients through all kinds of markets. Each partner brings a distinctive perspective to the wealth management process and a focused set of skills and disciplines. Each team member will be involved in working to accomplish the wealth management goals of all our clients at some point in the process.


There are a number of organizations that are now using the new term "wealth management." But what sets us apart from them is the way we approach wealth management-it’s from your point of view, and it’s more than investments and investment planning. It’s taking a holistic approach to the issues that concern you. We do this first by understanding where you are in your state of life, such as creating and growing wealth; protecting and preserving wealth; structuring wealth transfer during life; or you’re ready to plan a wealth legacy for after death. Then once we understand your concerns, feelings, and goals, we help work through a comprehensive list of wealth management issues-such as portfolio structure, retirement objectives, charitable giving, asset risk management, business succession-to uncover any further issues, develop an action plan, and ensure it’s implemented effectively. We are your trusted advisor to assist in any area, at any state of life, and with any member of your family.

*As of January 1, 2018

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FINRA’s BrokerCheck Obtain more information about our firm and its financial professionals